beo glas designs


Beo Glas Designs has been an idea separately and simultaneously floating in the back of the minds of both Noel and Hana since their university days.  Although raised and educated in separate countries, Noel here in Ireland and the UK, and Hana in the US, both designers share a passion for good design and ethos of sustainability.  To both designers, sustainability is not just one aspect of a project, it is the way to design to ensure we not only create comfortable homes and cities, but also to ensure there is a habitable world for our children to grow up in.  After more than a decade each of working in traditional architectural, design and construction companies, Noel and Hana decided to create a practice dedicated to bridging the design and sustainability gaps in the current marketplace.  


Here at Beo Glas Designs we approach every project with an integrative approach, assessing the exterior elements with the interior concurrently while considering the most sustainable solution to the design.  We believe that no element stands alone, and the best solution is a merger of the disciplines, with a seamless integration throughout the entire design process. We never move forward with a design solely based on the structural and architectural side and without considering the functionality of the interior space.  All aspects are carefully evaluated and solutions are presented to ensure the best home possible. Because at the end of the day, your home should be beautiful on the outside while suiting the individual needs of you and your family on the inside. All the while using design and materials that work with the environment and will stand the test of time.

The Team


Hana Hughes

interior architect

Hana has over ten years of interior architecture and design experience in the US and in Ireland.  Hana was raised in the United States and attended the prestigious fine art college, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), where she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design in 2008.  At SCAD, sustainability was a core principle taught throughout the department, it was there that her passion for sustainable designs and desire to change the world, one building at a time was born. 

After graduation she made her way out to San Diego, California, where she spent eight years working within the domestic remodeling and construction sector.  She moved to Dublin in 2017 to further pursue her passion of sustainability by completing a Masters of Architectural Science is Sustainable Building Design and Performance at UCD.  

Hana brings over a decade of experience designing homes across the US and Ireland.  She has worked on everything from small bathroom renovations to aid an aging parent to full restoration and additions of a historic home to not only meet the needs of a growing family, but also to adhere to the very strict requirements presented with a listed building.  Additionally, she is qualified as a LEED Green Associate and WELL AP. 

Furthermore, Hana is a lecturer in sustainability at Griffith College and Interior Design at the Interior Design Academy of Ireland.


noel Hughes


Noel was born and raised in Ireland and attended Queen’s University, Belfast and the University of Liverpool at part of his architectural education.  He later returned to Queen’s University to complete a Masters in Sustainable Design, where he received a distinction. He focused his thesis on the ability of green roofs to be adapted to act as artificial habitats for local insect and plant species (spoiler, they can be pretty easily done if you know what you're doing).  Since then he has worked in practices in Belfast, Derry, Mullingar, Athlone and Dublin.  


He has experience with various projects including one-off houses, estate and apartment developments, industrial and commercial buildings, fit-out works, heritage and conservation projects, and education facilities.  


Throughout his career, he has obtained numerous certifications to become an expert within the field of sustainable architecture and has the qualifications on several sustainability topics, including nZEB, LEED, BREEAM, and Passive House. Additionally, is currently serving on the RIAI Liaison Sub-Committee for Good Practice Guide on Tender Procedure, to advise on the new tender procedures necessary to meet nZEB requirements