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Beo Glas Consultants aims to provide homeowners, building professionals and contractors with expert advice and sustainable assessment services for any project. The scope of services will be tailored to each client's specific needs and project requirements. 


Please contact Beo Glas to discuss your project.


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Interior Design + Renovation

To us at Beo Glas, the interior and the exterior of a building are not separate entities, but two parts to a whole, which is impossible to have one function well without deep consideration of the other.  Every project that we complete will have both disciplines working on the project, however the details of the final product is up to you. 


We can provide full interior design packages complete with joinery, electrical layouts, kitchen and bathroom specifications and overall design and aesthetic consideration.  We focus our material choices that work well with the environment and only spec products after assessing the life cycle cost of each product.


We can help you with an interior fit-out project, redesigning the interior of your home to best suit your lifestyle, help you to see the full potential of your current space and work alongside our architect on new construction to ensure every detail is integrated smoothly.

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 Architecture + Planning  

We offer a full range of architectural services to cover every stage of the design cycle from concept and inspiration to preliminary designs to planning packages and tender drawings.  We can assist with additions of any size, structural changes, planning permission and full designs for new builds.  


We ensure that every project at the minimum meets all current building legislation including full compliance with Part L and F.  In addition, as a LEED Accredited Professionals and certified Passive House designer, we can take your home to the next level in sustainability. 


We strive to create the most energy efficient, functional and comfortable homes. Every proposal will be assessed by our design team to ensure optimal performance given your budget, not just at the beginning of your home’s life, but throughout its entire lifespan.

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Energy Upgrades + Sustainable Retrofitting Services

Here at Beo Glas, we believe in not just the power good design has to positively impact individuals, but that good sustainable design should be accessible to everyone, regardless of budget.  


We strive to show you the full impact of every choice you make and guide you to the one that is right for you. We believe that every choice and every building makes a difference in not only the city you live in, but the planet as a whole.


We offer services in sustainability including complete adherence to Near Zero EnergyBuilding (NZEB) policies as well as fully designed Passive House homes.  


In addition, we offer consultancy on FF&E materiality for compliance with sustainability rating systems such as LEED, BREAM and HPI.  After spending nearly a decade designing in California (which has constant water shortage and water efficient design is a standard) our design team are experts on water efficiency both in design and in fixture selection.


Our team has honed their design skills to include sustainability with many years of practice.  In particular, we have experience in heritage and historic homes, we enjoy the unique challenges they present and understand the lost potential within these homes when it comes to energy performance.