Halloween and The Ideal Home Show

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Hello there! We hope everyone had a spooktacular day and didn’t overdo it on the candy. As we get no trick or treaters, we saw Hocus Pocus (my all time favourite Halloween movie, I do not do scary at all) at the Stella theatre. If you haven’t been there yet, treat yourself and have the experience. The interior space is stunning and the preservation of the original features is gorgeous to see. Also, drinking wine while watching a movie is quite a treat.

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people when I participated in the ‘Ask an Expert’ booth at the Ideal Home Show in Dublin. While I’ve participated in numerous home shows and events in the past, this was my first time experiencing the Ideal Home Show at the RDS.

I was signed up to work the morning slot, so Noel and I arrived super early, we warned of massive crowds and congestion, so we arrived at the RDS at about 9:15. This was nice in the fact that it allowed us to browse the home show before it was open and without the crowds. We were able to look at some cool displays and products up close and enjoyed seeing how all the companies were presenting their products. We also debated if we could fit a hot tub on our balcony (we live in Dublin, we most definitely cannot, there is barely room for our plants).

Everyone I meet with was so lovely and all with such a variety of projects. That’s one of the things I love about being a designer, how different every project is and how that makes for sure variety in my working life. Whenever someone comes to me for consult, however brief, or when I start a new project, I always find it fun and like I’m getting a peak into that person’s world and life. Design, especially for your home, is not just about the bricks and mortar and fabric of your building, your home has a heart and soul and the best design is the one that not only looks beautiful but makes your life easier. Whatever level of project you are thinking about or working on, when it is all finished it should make you smile when you walk in the door and see the transformation. That is when we’ve done our job right, when you as the client are ear to ear grinning.

For any of you out there who have done any events like that, they can be quite exhausting in the sense it is a solid three hours of non-stop talking and coming up with instant ideas. The design process in real, untimed, life can not be condensed into 15 minute slots. It is a process that is as enjoyable as it is time consuming and could actually go on forever if you didn’t put a time limit on it. I always find it difficult to give vague suggestions to people without having been to their house as I feel I am doing them a disservice by generalizing their home. Every house is so distinctive and every person that lives in it is different, that no two pieces of advice can ever been applied in the exact same way. That being said, I hope everyone left feeling like they got at least one nugget of information to move forward with. As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have and to jump on board your renovation or building journey with you. We strive to make the process as enjoyable as it can be, after all, we want you to have the home of your dreams.

Happy Friday!


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